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    Technical Visit (M-Flow) on 5 September 2024 at 14:00 – 16:00 **The technical visit can accept only 45 people. If you are not in the first 45 people, you will be on the waiting list. (No Expense)
    Golf course on 7 September 2024 (Extra Expense)
    Topic A.1 : Road Transportation Planning
    Topic A.2 : Operation and Management in the Road Sector
    Topic A.3 : Road Development and Management Tool
    Topic A.4 : Road Transport Administration and Strategic Improvisation of Project Management
    Topic A.5 : Social Equity and Accessibillity
    Topic A.6 : Gender Inclusion in the Road Sector
    Topic A.7 : Public-Private Partnership to Boost the Road Infrastructure
    Topic A.8 : Road Safety Management Practices and Processes
    Topic A.9 : Measures of Improving Road Safety
    Topic A.10 : Road Pavement Bridge, Tunnel, and Other Infrastructure Management
    Topic B.1 : Mobility in Urban Development
    Topic B.2 : Intelligent Transportation System
    Topic B.3 : Digitalisation and Building Information Modeling in Transportation
    Topic B.4 : Innovation for Mobility
    Topic B.5 : Application of Emerging Technologies in Road Transport
    Topic B.6 : Connected and Automated Vehicles
    Topic B.7 : Artificial Intelligence in Road Transport
    Topic B.8 : New and Innovative Methods and Strategies
    Topic B.9 : Electric Road System
    Topic B.10 : Innovative Renewal and Rejuvenation of Aging Infrastructure
    Topic C.1 : Improvement Measures for Transportation Decarbonisation and Carbon Neutrality
    Topic C.2 :Sustainable Transportation related to Environmental, Economical, Social, and Engineering Aspects
    Topic C.3 : Resilience Road Infrastructure to Extreme Natural Events and the Environment
    Topic C.4 : Natural Hazards and Disaster Management for Road Networks
    Topic C.5 : Road Transport Sustainability and Resilience in the Context of Climate Change
    Topic C.6 : Climate Change Adaptation Actions for Road Infrastructure
    Topic C.7 : Environmental Sustainability in Road Infrastructure and Transport
    Topic C.8 : Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Road Sector
    Topic C.9 : Promotion of Use of New or Cleaner Energies in Road Transportation
    Topic C.10 : Road Infrastructure Design for Sustainability and Resiliency
    PIARC International Seminar
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